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Veneer, Răng sứ thẩm mỹ

1. Cosmetic Veneers

Cosmetic veneer is one of the quickest and most effective solutions for discolored teeth (because of  fluoride, etc.) or tooth enamel erosion, decay, or front teeth that have gaps, slightly chipped or uneven.

rang-suUltrathin Veneer

  • Previously, the veneer procedure requires about 0.5mm to 1.2mm of tooth enamel removal to create space for the veneer.
  • Now, Ultrathin Veneers are being produced in our Dental Center’s Lab In-House with latest technology and equipment from EU.
  • The Thickness of ultrathin veneers is just only 0.3mm to 0.5mm but reach 400Mpa in hardness (real teeth have a hardness of 80-120Mpa). Moreover, they have a true natural color that can cover any undesirable shape and color of the real teeth, giving you a completely new and beautiful smile in just 2 appointments.
  • First appointment: We will do the examination, taking X-Rays, a general check of teeth condition. After that, we will take full face and intra-oral images from different angles to generate data from which we ‘design’ the ideal smile of yours using Smile Design software. After you have agreed to the treatment plan and chosen your favorite color and shape, we would take an impression to produce your Ultrathin veneer.
  • Second appointment (1-2 days later): Teeth cleaning, attach your veneer using materials designed exclusively for Ultrathin Veneers. You can have your picture taken at our studio to save this moment!

Laminate Veneer

  • Laminate Veneers will be the reasonable solution if you would like to adjust/align the your discolored teeth. The procedure for laminate veneers also requires only 2 appointments.
  • In the first appointment, after you have agreed to the treatment plan, our doctors will prepare your teeth by removing a small part of your tooth enamel, then take an impression to produce the laminate veneers. Regular veneers have a thickness from 0.5mm to 1.2mm, which are able to cover larger imperfections of your teeth.
  • In the second appointment, we will try in your new veneers and seated them with resin cement by light cure machine. Finally, your veneer will look as natural as real teeth with healthy surrounding gums.

veneer-nha-khoa-drhungBoth veneers have similar color and beauty. They can both bring you a beautiful smile that you have always wished for. The Ultrathin Veneer will be a better option because it does not require anesthetic or any part of your real teeth to be removed.

Time to complete the veneer placement procedure:

  • Two days for 1-4 veneers;
  • Three to five days for 5 veneers and above.

Veneer ‘mask’ ( Esthetic Temporary Veneer)

One of the newest types of veneers used at Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center is veneer ‘mask’. It can be used to cover imperfections of your teeth. This is a very convenient product to use temporarily when you have not made a decision which is the most suitable treatment for you.
The treatment procedure for veneer ‘mask’ requires 2 appointments:

  • First appointment: Examination, taking X-rays, teeth cleaning and taking an impression. The data will be sent to the producers in Germany and the products will be sent back within two weeks.
  • Second appointment: We will show you how to attach and take care of the veneer ‘mask’.


2. Porcelain Crowns

Cosmetic porcelain crowns are used for severe cases of chipped / broken / discolored / root canal teeth in order to provide better protection but still maintain the natural beauty of the front teeth area. For porcelain crowns, more tooth enamel will need to be removed compared to for veneers. For extreme cases of discolored / broken / eroded teeth, root canal treatment may be required prior to placement of cosmetic porcelain crowns.


There are two main types of porcelain crowns:

Emax porcelain crown is produced from mono-solid Emax lithium disilicate from Ivoclar Vivadent with a hardness of 400Mpa. It has a high level of biocompatibility for your gum and teeth, giving no irritation and sensitivity when eating hot/cold food and providing perfect color for your teeth.

Emax Ceram porcelain crown has a thin layer of porcelain outside with Zirconia frame inside. This type of porcelain crown has the highest duration because the frame is made from Zirconia material with hardness reaching 1,200Mpa. The thin layer of porcelain is used to ensure the natural color of the teeth. Because of porcelain thickness from 1.2mm to 1.5mm, more of tooth enamel will need to be removed.

The porcelain crown procedure usually requires about 3 appointments:

  • First appointment: Examination, taking X-Rays and images of teeth and your facial structure, design your smile and discuss with you about the shape and color you desire. Then, our doctors would prepare your teeth, take an impression for the crowns to be made. You will have temporary crown after that.
  • Second appointment (usually 1 day later for 1-4 crowns and 2-3 days later for 5 or more crowns): Our doctors will try in your new crown to ensure the color and shape are suitable for attaching them.
  • Third appointment (1 day later): Final check-up after you have tried to eat with your crowns.


At Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center, you will be satisfied with 5-Star International Dental service standards: professional team, advanced equipment, lab in-house with CAD/CAM technique, highest quality warranty policy, relaxing space and the “Attentive – Gentle – Careful” service which will give you the perfect treatment result.

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