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Count your life by smiles

Be more beautiful, be more confident, be more successful

A beautiful smile which comes from white, pretty teeth can please people, make them feel happy, take the sadness away

Don’t worry if you have not had a pretty smile

Not all people have a good smile, even though they take care of them so carefully. In modern world, there are thousands ways to make an imperfect smile become a attractive one. Let’s figure it out

Thẩm mỹ phục hình

Teeth become brighter with laser light

Bleaching teeth is a very popular method to improve the shade of teeth. Nearly 90% Vietnamese and Asian celebrities trust this procedure to gain a strong, beautiful smile

Worldwide Hospital use Laser Zoom 2 system to beach teeth. This is one of the most modern, safest at the moment, which can make the differences between 4 to 9 levels without uncomfortable in 80 minutes.

công nghệ Tẩy trắng răng hiện đại

Porcelain teeth with a natural beauty, thanks for veneers

Veneer is a best example for the minimally invasive dentistry, which just need to take away 0,3-0,5mm enamel. With veneers, patient don’t have to worry about the pain after treatment and because of the high translucency, veneers take the lead in doing the perfect smile. In addition, the hardness of this prosthesis can achieve 400 MPA, ( more than nature teeth), so the longevity of them are so long.

veneer sứ siêu mỏng

Procedure to fabricate veneers

This procedure are combined strictly by doctors and technicians. First of all, doctors will check for patient’s condition through X-rays film and clinical condition, then take some photos in order to compare before and after. Next, smile design will be done with a programme and we will have a discussion about your smile. In complicated cases, maybe mockup will be need so that the patients can see their result before beginning.

Our big advantages is lab-in house, so teamwork is the strong point of our hospital.

Big Advantages of veneers

First, veneers are really thin, so just a thin layer of enamel need to be removed, so you will not feel pain or sensitive. In addition, you can use them with a natural feeling

Veneers is indicated in some cases:

dich vu rang su tham my

mat dan su tham my

nha khoa uy tin tay trang rang

rang su tham my

Services USD AUD EUR
Carbon Post 50/unit 64/unit 44/unit
Zirconia Post 100/unit 129/unit 89/unit
Gold Post Core Gold Price Gold Price Gold Price
Cutting Crown/ Bridge 10/unit 13/unit 9/unit
Partial Denture 50/unit 64/unit 44/unit
Complete Removable Denture 700-1000/Jaw 907- 1318/Jaw 626-918/Jaw
Titanium Post Core 50/unit 26/unit 18/unit
Titanium Frame 250/unit 324/unit 233/unit
Laser Zoom 2 Whitening 200/ both arch 259/ both arch 178/ both arch
Beyond Whitening 175/ both arch 226/ both arch 156/ both arch
Bonding 100/unit 129/unit 89/unit
Porcelain Crown & Bridge 290-310/unit 376 – 389/ unit 259 – 268/ unit
Porcelain Veneer 310-325/unit 401 – 414/ unit 277 – 286/ unit
Laminate veneer 350-375/unit 421 – 453/ unit 290 – 313/ unit
Ultrathin veneer 375/ unit 486/ unit 335/ unit
Inlay/Onlay 200-250/unit 259 – 324/unit 178 – 233/unit
Esthetic Porcelain Crown or Veneer 300-315/unit 376- 401/unit 259 -277/unit
Porcelain Crown/ Full Zirconia Crown 450/unit 583/unit 402/unit
on Implant
Titanium Porcelain Crown 150/unit 194/unit 134/unit
Attachment Denture(Phase teeth not included):
-Titanium Frame 250/frame 324/ frame 233/ frame
-2 rons 100/2 rons 129/ 2 rons 89/ 2 rons
Maryland Bridge
-Porcelain Crown 290/unit 376/ unit 259/ unit
-Attachment 200/both sides 259/ both sides 178/ both sides

Cosmetic & Restoration

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